Case History – ABC Daytime

Project: New Mother Gift Bags given out by U.S. hospitals

Goal: Increase daytime viewing market share among stay-at-home moms in both English and Spanish speaking
markets by creating a product that would deliver additional impressions within the home.

Item: A functional gift which could be used and enjoyed by new mothers, and which would stand out from other
promotional materials they received in the bag.

Budget: 15 cents per piece (Total quantity 880,000 units)

Challenge: To design a product with “keepsake” potential; attractive as a gift item, useable with longevity, and the
ability to promote the ABC Daytime lineup.

Solution: A custom designed magnetic picture frame with die-cut center oval for the baby’s picture. New baby pictures
are of great importance to new mothers/parents. This gift allows the recipient to mount the baby’s picture in a colorful frame
on a refrigerator or other magnetic surface. The center oval pops out for use as an additional colorful magnet, which provides
the daytime television viewing schedule in an easily referenced format. The magnet center is used to hold additional pictures
or papers and its placement generates additional impressions. The frame was packaged in a cello bag to further reinforce the
“gift” impression.

ABC magnet

Promotional Item